Hey yall, I am starting a blogging challenge of 100 blog posts in 100 days. The goal is to write for one hour each day and post it. Showing the good and the bad. No ghostwriters no outside designers. If I want to continue a topic I have to write it as another blog post the next day. It could be ugly but I think overall it will be lovely.


My first post is going to be about my new lens and my first adventure trying to learn how to use it.



 G Vario 17-140 mm lens

I bought this lens a couple of weeks ago and I am in love. I have really enjoyed my journey with photography over the last couple of years. My first real camera is a Panasonic G7 and since the beginning, I have learned the lesson that just because you can see it doesn’t mean you can capture it. I think it is the primary struggle of an artist to be able to imagine something and then trying to manifest it the world in a way that communicates the message or emotions they wanted to.  For the first time, I feel like ‘the lense I have on my camera is actually capable of capturing things the way that I see them with my naked eye. The lens has a super flexible focus range and for me, it has been a great boost. So I highly recommend the camera. I found it on amazon but after watching this review by fstoppers –  https://youtu.be/bKuysHpw1OQ that really sold me on the camera and helped me feel okay with the leap.



Wildlife In The Garden

I have done some street photography with the lens and I messed around with it in my workspace but my first real time of dedicated use was this weekend while I was cat-sitting for a friend.  Let me show you some of the pictures I liked from the shoot and what I learned.

Lets go in order of the worst to blursed(after editing)




I was standing about 50 feet away from the kittens. Trying to capture them in a group but sadly they were uncooperative. Plus that ugly carrier in the background made the photo look especially pointless. I was thinking maybe with some photoshop magic I could make it an interesting banner bar photo but it just doesn’t balance. What was great the fact that I wasn’t stuck with this wide view of the scene.





In my opinion, this is the 2nd worst image of the bunch which isn’t really that bad but sadly the cat is just too well hidden for the picture to look more than a snapshot of someone’s garden. The good news is that is a user error. Composition wise I was able to execute my vision in this picture. I wanted a blurry foreground with a sharp focus on the cats hiding place to create a sense of depth. I was going for a little fun of a hide and seek but in our generation of glance photography, this picture probably isn’t a winner.





This image had so much potential to be really great. The shrubbery (not a shrubbery bush but I like the word. All hail Monty Python) frames the cats really well. It definitely conveys the sense of some garden fun but the cat is out of focus. I found that while I could zoom in and compose the picture how I wanted but the autofocus struggled to focus on the cats.





Ok finally now we are looking at some of the pics I actually think are pretty decent. The cats in this picture look absolute serene. I feel like I am being lured into a nap just looking at this picture. Which is exactly what I wanted from and the lens made it happen. With all the other focal lengths I have tried this by far allowed me to do that peek through view to the subject that I love. Some friends suggested I should crop this image down more. What do you think?





I really like this picture for the moodiness it conveys. It felt like a picture you would see for a Halloween day celebration or something. The cat looks malicious to me also but sadly it’s not a technically perfect picture because I didn’t get that sharpness on the cat as I would like.





This is by far the most liked picture of the bunch. It is a simple composition with the cat clearly centered and easy to find. It has a more uplifting warm natural look to it. The background is clearly defined by the shadow outlining the subject. The cat is mostly in focus but when I look into the eyes I feel they are a bit too blurry so there is room for improvement.

I didn’t see that the time ran out so I am just gonna end here. Hope to see you in the next experiment.