O boy, so I just drove 6 hours and I am sitting in a Walmart McDonald’s writing this post. This situation isn’t that strange for me but for the first time I am actually going to share what I write. See if you poked around in my phone, in my computer or the journal that I use as a wallet you would find probably hundreds of half written blog posts. I have been doing this for years and what’s finally helping me get past that dreaded fear of hitting publish is a change in mindset. The idea of abundance vs scarcity. See growing up I had this idea that for something to be valuable it needed to be rare. My experiences, my perspective or ideas needed to be unique to be extraordinary. What I have found to be true is that this is actually rarely the case.

The Numbers

See we live in a planet of about 7.7 billion people. In the US alone there are about 24,000 high schools. That means that every year about 24,000 people are the valedictorian off their graduating class. That’s a lot of people who are the “best” of their class.

Does the fact that there are so many take away from the achievement of having the highest gpa of their class? No it doesn’t.

Abundance creates community

The older I get the more I appreciate the idea of people of having other people around that have gone through similar experiences as me. I don’t have to be the only person who has heard of that band, seen that water fall or made that change in their life. In fact I found that having people around you that can relate to you because they have been through similar things brings great comfort and strength.

Abundance Makes Life Easier

Not seeing success particularly as something that is rare is vastly important. It makes it easier to believe in your goals and have hope for the future when you stop believing that only a select few people ever get to know what success feels like. It makes it easier to do the daily grind and hustle when you have a belief that eventually it can work versus believing it is more likely that it never will.

My life is 99.9% the same as other people’s lives. I am not alone and neither are you. If you have goal you want to accomplish it chances are someone was in a similar situation as you and they did it. Now go find them and make it happen.