I just got to my destination after two days of driving 800 or so miles. I am exhausted but happy. In the morning I was lucky to be able to meet the CEO of BlackBox today, Pat McGowan. He shared a lot of wisdom and gave me a lot of hope for the future. I just need to be diligent and keep to my goals. So here I am writing this blog post at 11:20 at night hoping to get it semi-finished before the end of the night.

I wanted to talk about how having an abundance mindset helps me get out exploring my surroundings. I never know what I will find on a walk and if you look at most of my pictures you will see it appears to pretty much lacks any cohesive element that ties it all together. Because most of my shoots are completely unplanned. I try to go out in the early mornings or as the sun is going down to catch that golden hour but I rarely have a specific spot or subject in mind. I feel I have spent the last two years experimenting. From trying to do intense hyperlapses to capturing snow peaks. My favorite tho has been the creatures I have found.  Just the other day a butterfly landed right in front of my lens as I was filming. To me, that was a moment of perfection. What more could I have asked for? It taught me that if I am really going to pursue this life as a photographer, creator, or whatever is to keep trying to do it. The special moments will happen. I do plan on starting to master the aspects of studio shoots and introducing more models into my shots but I feel like my couple years of random shooting helped me learn my camera and appreciate the moment.


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