Growing up I felt like I was told constantly that one of the keys to success was to “BE DIFFERENT.” For me that didn’t seem like such a hard thing to do considering I was a red-headed kid with a common name spelled completely wrong but when it came to marketing I quickly learned that the first step of actually doing something novel was to learn to do what everyone else was doing then improve it.

In an effort to do just that with the websites I work with I take a hard look at the competition and I am always looking for new tools to help me to do that. One that I recently have started using regularly is Facebook Ad Library.



Here is the thing about Facebook Ads:


Making ads is stressful.

It feels like you are just burning money.

Advertising is a system designed by the companies running it for them to make money not you.


Why Use Facebook Ads:


  • Almost everyone on the internet is on Facebook.

“2.7 billion people were using at least one of the company’s core products (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger) each month.”  –

  • You can target people by their demographics, behavior, and interests.
  • Facebook has created a plethora of tools that help you narrow down your target audience based on your website’s traffic. See Facebook Pixel
  • With the access and targeting it is cheaper to bring your product to the attention of your customers.


How Facebook Ad Library helps

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Here is a screenshot from the library. I searched for “Roof Repair” and it shows that there were 900 hundred results. That is hundreds of examples of ads showing insight into the strategy of an entire niche. That is hundreds of examples of facebook ads showing exactly how all the competing businesses are trying to advertise their services. Now, this is a great example but you are probably wondering how exactly this fits into your workflow when you are creating an Ad.

In general, my process for creating ads follows specific steps. I will summarize it below.

Process For Creating  FB Ads

1. Define

  • The first step of defining the ad is by writing down the goals. What are we trying to accomplish? How can we know if we are accomplishing that goal? What is the story we are trying to share?

2. Research

  • What is the most important information we are trying to share? Who are the people who would care about this message? When is the right time to hear it?

3. Mockup

  • I go through all the steps of making the ad then I have someone other than me look at it.

4. Finalize

  • I do one last run-through of everything and make sure I made all the adjustments needed and it is approved by my clients.

5. Test

  • I launch my new ads with a limited budget that is enough that I can see if it is producing the results I expect.


  • This is when I really open the budget trying to get the most results possible. Along the way, I am tweaking the targeting, copy, and design.

That should give you a brief understanding of what I do for the ads that I create without getting too distracted from the topic on hand the Ad Library.

The part that the Ad Library really helps with is the research. My recommendation for using the ad library would be to start with using a broad keyword that is highly targeted to the niche of the client. It needs to have a good volume of search traffic and competitive.

Broad Keyword Roof Repair

Take note of the common call to actions, the copy, and the media the companies are choosing to use. Look for commonalities and write down the common features you notice in the holy three; targeting, copy, and design.

After doing the broad research into how the general market is behaving I look at the top five competitors of my client in terms of location, size of business and digital presence. Some of these businesses will not be running ads but some of them will and I what information I get from their ads is priceless. It also really helps reassure clients to see how other people they know are spending their money doing their digital marketing. This is also a great opportunity to prove your value to your clients by one-upping the competition.

I try to beat them on every point I possibly can. I follow the hierarchy of media which is that video beats pictures and pictures beat words but words can work. I aim to highlight the strengths of my clients in comparison to the competition. If the competitors aren’t local then I highlight how long the client has been in the area. I try to share information that the other ads fail to mention or explain clearly. This is all possible because the ad library gives me the insight that allows me to be different and deliver positive results.

To learn more about the next steps on how to run successful Facebook ads be sure to subscribe to my blog. If you want to talk about a project feel free to send me a message and if you have any questions or insights on the topic be sure to comment below.

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