About a year ago I joined a hackerlab. It has been an absolute wonder. I have been able to learn so much and I have made some pretty cool things if I do say so myself. My most recent project was a Nutria Bottle Opener.



The backstory – Inspiration for madness.

I was hanging out with some kind friends of mine who happen to work in the capital helping with waterworks policy. They told me about this invasive species that has been found to be destroying a lot of the environment. See take a look at the culprit.


Nutria in a river



This seemingly harmless guy is actually an eating machine. Check out their Wikipedia page. They eat like half their weight in vegetation every day which can cause erosion and many other problems so the California government is starting a campaign to help lower their population.

I thought it would be funny to create a bottle opener out of the skull.



How It Was Made

The first step was seeing if I could find the skull online. I found this website that is documenting 3d scans of animals for scientific records.




I was lucky enough to find the skull I was looking for. It was beautiful. It was way too complex for fusion to handle. I had to reduce the mesh body multiple times which was quite the process and took me way longer than you would have expected. Especially since it was my first time messing around with them. I converted the mesh body into a brep. Here is the tutorial I followed.



Then after it was a brep I combined its body with the body of a bottle opener I found on thingiverse.


It turned out pretty great I and my friends loved it. One note I had to fix on one version is making sure the bottle opener was completely flush with the skull so there was no flex. One of the openers I printed broke.

Here is a video of it in use.